robot actors

i hear human beings
they talk like machines

i give them the benefit of the doubt
then i come to find out

it’s all an act
on the world’s stage
this earthly plane
we gave a name

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Road Trip

Looking straight ahead
down the open road
I know my destination
I know where to go

Traveled many miles
Laid a lot of tracks
It’s taken me a while
Now I’m never looking back

Things could be worse
The world could go to shit
Nothing’s going to change
unless you do something about it

Talk and talk some more
until you face turns blue
Nothing will get done
unless you decide what to do

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As if

I were an animal
I am

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one moment in time

can so cataclysmically adjust

the dynamic of life

is staggering

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80 East

What’s this all a butte?

Shadows cast by rolling hills
captivate the eye.
Attention focused on
moving ahead after tying up loose ends,
like how a noose ends your life.

Sometimes all you need is a little juice
to make you feel loose in the caboose.

Fear not,
for the wolf is with us.
The Highway Patrol has no authority
in this atmosphere.

Like frogs chirping, blurping,
and hopping from lily pad to lily pad,
it’s all rather silly, really, but who cares?

I had a dream I met a woman in my underwear.
I’ve never met her before, I swear,
but I think I’ve seen her in my nightmares.

It’s scary: it plucks the hairs from the pit of my cherry,
so hit me with your best shot.
Uh oh, here it comes, blocked!

31 and dangerous.

No shoulder.

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stop and stare

carve out a seat for yourself
at the last supper
life has not been lived
unless you’ve had to suffer

top off the tank and wait
my heart just sank into my stomach
i can’t digest it
you know what’s coming

raw materials in your hemispheres
don’t blink or you might miss everything
coming at you a mile a minute
from you don’t know where

stop and stare

take it all in with a grin
as if you didn’t care

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the rough

i want to make a change
but i don’t try hard enough
stuck on the latest game
edging out from the rough

to engage in a world
that’s so messed up yet so beautiful
it breaks my heart
yeah it breaks my heart

well i tried to play the game
but the game it played me first
but i’ll keep on heading down the road
til they put me in a hearse

take my last damn shot of whiskey
and take another plug of beer
wonder what the hell it is
that i am doing here

if hearts are meant for breaking
then i’ll keep mine in my chest
but i say love was made for making
so forget about all the rest

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